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AnandaBhaktifestMusic Bio:

Ananda Yogiji is an internationally loved musician, song composer and mantra enthusiast.  His musical offerings complement his yogic practices with a deep devotional spirit.  His music channels a powerful blend of modern and ancient soundscapes that touches the heart and invokes a meditative and connected state.  Infused with mantras in Sanskrit and Gurbani, his music offers blissful energy currents woven into lyrical heart songs. He sings, plays guitar, harmonium and bansuri flute.   

Yoga Teacher Bio:

Kundalini Class at ShaktiAnanda has been a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan since 2006. He also completed and taught at numerous holistic yoga and leadership immersions at the Dharmalaya (a holistic yoga, permaculture and meditation center in Eugene, Oregon). In addition to his BA in international and sustainable business, he has a minor in East Asian Religions and studied yogic philosophy at the University of Oregon and the Dharmalaya.

Ananda Yogiji has studied under the guidance of master teachers Gurucharan Singh, Gurmukh, Guru Singh, Krishna Kaur, Ravi Logan and many more. He spent 4 years learning with Viriam Singh and Kaur in Eugene, Oregon. He has attended nine, nine day Kundalini Yoga summer solstice intensives in New Mexico.

Ananda’s sadhana journey includes:

  • 6+ years of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Meditation (31 minutes minimum/day)
  • 7+ years of wearing white clothing nearly every day
  • 10+ years of being vegetarian
  • 10+ years of dedicated 2-6 hours of yogic practices per day
  • 27 days of White Tantric Yoga over 9 years
  • 120 day sadhana of Meditation for Brosha (Trust) Starting at 11 minutes and built up to 18 minutes (adding 1 minute every 15 days)
  • Completed 40 day meditation sadhanas with a minimum 11 minutes:
    • Kirtan Kriya, Sat Kriya, Adi Shakti Mantra (Long Ek Ong Kars), <Karani Kriya, Architect Meditation, Commander Meditation (These three are out of the book “The Mind”)>, Ra Ma Da Sa, breath of fire with mudras;
  • Completed 40 day sadhanas of “Kriya for Elevation” and “Kriya for the Second Chakra (Out of the Kundalini Yoga Experience Book)”
  • 90 day sadhana of Lakshmi Bija Mantra for 31 minutes
  • 40 day sadhana of Dhanada Stotram (recited minimum 7 times/day)
  • 40 day sadhana of Ganesha bija mantra 11 minutes or more per day.

Since meeting Jaya Lakshmi, they have toured nationally and internationally offering healing mantra music concerts as well as teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with live music provided by Jaya Lakshmi.  Ananda regularly teaches at Beloved Festival and Bhaktifest, as well as has taught at Pranafest, Bali Spirit Festival, Maha Bhuta Festival and Peace Village Festival.

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator:

While traveling in Guatemala, Ananda connected with a cacao shaman who shared with him the ways of cacao ceremony and spirit of the cacao medicine. Partnering with Jaya Lakshmi, their cacao ceremonies are a coming together to open the heart, express creatively and rejoice with the spirit of the cacao. Accompanied by their weaving heart songs, the ceremonies are a time to express gratitude for the cacao spirit and allow for that spirit to blossom infinite possibilities within each of us. They are also a beautiful community building experience.  He now travels with Jaya Lakshmi holding cacao ceremonies and distributing shaman selected cacao from the Mayan lands of Guatemala. To date, they have held over 100 ceremonies all over the world and continue to share the beauty of cacao and the heart.

~Since ancient times cacao has been used ceremonially to connect with that infinite presence of love.  The Cacao that will be used is a very special type that a cacao shaman selected personally for it’s energetic qualities. It comes from Guatemala, the heartland of the Mayan people who have used it for millennia. The ceremonies are a wonderful time to learn about cacao’s origins, history, heath benefits and energetic/spiritual qualities.~

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