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posted: July 2nd, 2016

Donate to Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda’s Ongoing Endeavors

If you love these two and would like to contribute to Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda’s ongoing projects (music, videos, etc), you can do so here:

Any amount is greatly appreciated.  Let them know how they have touched your life!

posted: May 22nd, 2014

Altar of Love-At the Oregon Country Fair (special guests Peia and Saratone)

posted: July 23rd, 2013

“Jai Ma” Live Kirtronica set in Encinitas with amazing lazer show!!

posted: March 11th, 2013

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda at Bhaktifest 2012

posted: January 26th, 2013

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda-This is the Day

Altar of Love Weekend Portland at our kirtan in 2011.  Thanks to Michael Hilton for the video and Tasara for the visuals.  Thanks also to Ankush Vimawala on Tablas and Vince McClellan on flute.

posted: November 15th, 2012

November 8, 2012 Newsletter

November 2012 Newsletter
Happy Autumn Days,

We are feeling so blessed by all the wonderful things that have happened in the past year and what is soon to come.  We will be touring in Oregon for the month of November, so Oregonians, be sure to check out our tour dates.

We just came back from our first trip up to BC and it went great.  We had an Altar of Love weekend on Salt Spring Island that was one of the best yet.  We also had a lovely stop in Victoria and Vancouver for some great kirtans, Kirtronica and a cacao ceremony.  Last weekend we had our second annual Halloween Altar of Love in Portland.  Great to reconnect with old friends and make new ones in such a sweet environment.

Upcoming Events:

We have some amazing upcoming events along with our tour in Oregon in November.  

The first will be a retreat with Saul David Raye and Sianna Sherman in Tulum Mexico from Dec. 2nd-9th.  We are so honored to be joining them, playing music for their classes and providing other goodies as well.  🙂  

12/02 to 12/09 Tulum Retreat with Sianna Sherman and Saul David Raye Tulum :: Amansala Spa and Resort

Then next is the Synthesis 2012 Festival in Chichen Itza, Mexico for the Winter Solstice Dec. 19th-23rd.  This is a celebration of all walks of life and will be bringing together an eclectic variety of musicians, teachers, healers, shamans and much more. If you have not heard about it, check it out.  

12/19 to 12/23 Synthesis 2012 Festival Chichen Itza :: Synthesis 2012
Please use promo code JXL2012 for some free goodies and help support travels to this event.

Following that we will be back in Oregon and celebrating New Years at Breitenbush hot springs. We will be offer a kirtan and Kirtronica New Years eve. night and workshops and a cacao ceremony throughout the weekend.  We would love for you join us.  Come soak, dance, and chant in the new year!

12/31 New Years Breitenbush Hot Springs

Following that we are off to Hawaii for two months.  We will be doing several Altar of Love Weekends on Big Island as well as on Maui.  In addition, we will be part of the Mystic Island Festival (last years was absolutely fantastic) Jan 31st – Feb 3rd.  Following that there is rumor of a Pranafest retreat in Kauai as well as Wanderlust Oahu at the end of February we maybe part of.  More details on that soon to come.  

1/31-2/3 Mystic Island Festival 

Lastly, we would like to cordially invite you to Bali with us March 13th-20th for our first Altar of Love retreat.  Join us for this one of a kind spiritual journey to the exotic land of Bali. Sing, chant, dance, awake to Kundalini Yoga, swim with the local dolphins, lay out on the most beautiful beaches, hike tropical waterfalls, visit ancient Hindu water temples, experience traditional Balinese cuisine, fire ceremonies, gamelan and dance. Need we say more?

03/13 to 03/20 Altar of Love Retreat Bali 
Bali :: Shangri La Oceanside Retreat & Spa

Ok, thank you again for your wonderful support and presence in our lives and we look forward to connecting with you all soon. Feel free to respond back to this email and say hello 🙂

Namaste, Aloha and Sat Nam,
Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda

Note: we have a new website url: http://jayalakshmiandananda.com  If you go to JayaLakshmi.net, it will redirect you to the new site.  

As always, check out our bandcamp site for free listening and to support our music directly.  

11/09 to 11/11 Altar of Love Weekend Bend 
Bend :: Back Bend Yoga

11/16 to 11/18 Altar of Love Weekend Eugene 
Eugene :: Eugene Yoga

11/24 Thanksgiving Kirtan/Healing Mantra Music 
Ashland, OR :: Jackson Wellsprings

www.jayalakshmi.net   http://store.JayaLakshmiAndAnanda.com

posted: November 15th, 2012

Sept 17, 2012 Newsletter

Pranafest, Northwest Tour, Free Music and Bali Retreat


Namaste everyone. What an incredible time to be alive! We have been feeling the powerful transformation that is happening on this planet to so many of our lives. Part of our journey as kirtan minstrels is to unify the tribes of people who share in the common vision of divine love and share with people how the shift really is upon us.

Special thanks to all the people who made our Cali tour so blessed and successful. We would especially like to thank Shellie White Light (hooper extraordinaire) and Ankush Vimawala (tablas) for coming on tour with us and being part of some of the best events of our lives! And it just keeps going… see below for upcoming events and past recall.

If you are not friends with us yet, click on these links for our Facebook profiles. Jaya Lakshmi II and Ananda Yogiji.

Upcoming events:
We have some amazing upcoming events.

This first of which is Pranafest. It is the first annual Kirtan and Yoga festival in beautiful Ashland Oregon at the Jackson Wellsprings. It will be held on the full moon Sept 28th-30th and have many of your favorite Kirtan artists and Yoga teachers. As a special offering, we have 10 weekend tickets to sell at a special discount of $125 (tickets are now going for $175). This does not include camping. Reply to this email if you are interested.

Check out our website: www.jayalakshmi.net for more info and schedule. We will be performing the Kirtronica Friday night, Kirtan Saturday afternoon and a Kundalini Yoga workshop on Sunday morning.

Northwest Fall Tour: We will be touring the northwest in the Altar of Love format this Fall. Look forward to seeing you in Arcata, Salt Springs, Victoria and Vancouver BC, Eugene, Portland, Bend, Ashland and Corvallis.

We are pleased to announce that we will be part of the Synthesis 2012 Festival in Chichen Itza Mexico for the Solstice event. It is a global gathering, world music festival and spiritual celebration that will occur at the end of the Mayan Calendar on Dec 20th to 23rd this year. The Synthesis 2012 festival team is working directly with the local Mayan people and event producers in Mexico to produce this historical event. We would love to have you come join us for this incredible gathering. We will be offering kirtan, Kirtronica, yoga and of course, a cacao ceremony.

Lastly, we would love to invite you to spend March with us at our first retreat in Bali at the Shangrila Ocenaside Retreat and Spa. Join us for this one of a kind journey to the exotic land of Bali. Sing, chant, dance, awake to Kundalini Yoga, swim with the local dolphins, lay out on the most beautiful beaches, hike tropical waterfalls, visit ancient Hindu water temples, experience traditional Balinese cuisine, fire ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, gamelan and dance. Need we say more? Stay tuned for more info.

In case you are new, we currently have some free music on our bandcamp site and you will find all our music available here.

Past events:
Wow, what an extraordinary three weeks we had touring the entire state of California. About five weeks ago we held an ‘Altar of Love’ weekend in Mt. Shasta. We returned home only for two weeks and were off to Nevada City for one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever been part of. It was Ananda’s dear friend Taj O’Brian being wed to Stephanie Strong. He was one of the best men and the event was held at the beautiful Ananda Village Retreat Center. We played some sweet music there and some Kirtronica at the after party/dinner at their Strong home.

We followed that by some swimming in the Yuba River, which is like swimming in an emerald jewel. We then performed at the Unconditional dance at Harbin which is always a blast. We are always well received. Following that we played to our single largest crowd in Santa Rosa at the Center for Spiritual Living. An amazing crowd of over 350 people showed to chant with us and the band. The night was amazing. It was filmed and recorded so we hope to have something out for you all in the future.

Following that we had a very sweet ‘Altar of Love Weekend’ in Santa Cruz. We were very blessed to go out to see the Humpback whales in the Monterey Bay. They greeted us with a full show. We saw a few full breeches, tail and phin slaps. The humpbacks especially are the biggest symbol for Ananda and I’s love for each other. (Especially if you heard how we got engaged with whales jumping as Ananda asked me to marry him).

Our next stop was in Santa Barbara where we were royally honored to offer kirtan at the Sacred Space. If you ever get a chance, treat yourself to a visit there. Some of the most exquisite gardens, statues, shrines, and altars you will ever see. The owners Jack and Rose are also some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. We stayed with them at their house and were swept away to exotic lands of the east.

Then of course there was Bhaktifest. Wow, best yet. Thank you Sridhar, Mukti and the amazing team who makes this festival happen. Our kirtan set went really well. Thanks to Ankush Vimala, David Watts, Sarasvati and Prajna Viera for joining us. We heard from so many people that it was just “So sweet”. In addition, we also performed Kirtronica on Saturday night which went over very well. Perhaps next year we will move that to main stage as well 😉

We would also like to thank Kia Miller, Samantha Shakti, Janet Stone, Dawn Cartwright and Saul David Raye for sharing in the magical moments together. Each workshop and class had such incredible magic, bliss and devotion. We love you!

After Bhaktifest, it was off to Nevada City for a kirtan and another dip in the Yuba. Can’t get enough of the people and that river!! Sonically it was one of the best nights of music ever and what a choir for an audience. We then drove to San Rafael for a intimate kirtan with Lakshmi Devi which we offered to our dear friend Geoffrey Gordon who just recently left his body.

Our last stop on the Cali tour was at Harbin Hotsprings where we held our ‘Altar of Love Retreat’. Of course that went amazing and we just keep falling more in love with that place. Thank you to all the beautiful souls who participated in our events there.

Tour Dates: visit our website for more details

-09/28 to 09/30 Pranafest Ashland, OR :: Jackson Wellsprings
– 10/05 to 10/07 Altar of Love Weekend Arcata Arcata :: Om Shala Yoga Studio
– 11/02 to 11/04 Altar of Love Weekend Bend Bend, OR :: Mandala Yoga
– 11/09 to 11/11 Altar of Love Weekend Portland Portland :: Awakenings Wellness Center
– 11/16 to11/18 Altar of Love Weekend Eugene Eugene :: Eugene Yoga
– 11/23 Thanksgiving Kirtan/Healing Mantra Music Ashland, OR :: Jackson Wellsprings
– 11/24 to 11/25 Thanksgiving Kirtronica and Kirtan/Healing Mantra Music Corvallis :: Live Well Studio Saturday night Kirtronica, Sunday evening Kirtan
– 12/19 to12/23 Synthesis 2012 Festival Chichen Itza :: Synthesis 2012
-2/1 to 2/3 Mystic Island Festival Maui
– 03/13 to 03/20 Altar of Love Retreat in Bali Bondalem :: Bali Shangrila Oceanside Retreat and Spa

www.jayalakshmi.net www.jayalakshmi.bandcamp.com

posted: November 15th, 2012

August 15, 2012 Newsletter

Namaste and Aloha!

Well, it’s that time of year again, the great pilgrimage to the incredible Bhakti Fest. For those of you who have not gone, they are now calling it the Woodstock of kirtan. In addition to performing Thursday afternoon kirtan and Friday night Kirtronica, we will be collaborating with some of the most talented yoga teachers and workshop presenters. Can’t wait!

Upcoming Events

If you can’t catch us at Bhakti Fest and are a Cali resident, we also have an incredible tour throughout Cali, so check the tour info below to find out where we will be. We will be touring with Ankush Vimawala, our beloved tabla player as well as Shellie White, hooper extraordinaire. Also, visit our website for more info: www.jayalakshmi.net

Quick summary: We will be performing a special show at the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa with their full band ensemble and choir 8/29. Not to be missed! The weekend before Bhakti Fest we will be in Santa Cruz holding one of our heart opening Altar of Love weekends full of music, yoga and cacao. Tuesday Sept 4th we will be at one of the most renowned sacred music venues in Santa Barbara, the Sacred Space. After Bhakti Fest we stop in Nevada City and Marin before landing at Harbin Hot springs. We have several amazing events there including an Altar of Love weekend 9/13-9/15. Love to see you along the way!

We also would like to announce the upcoming Pranafest. It is a new kirtan and yoga festival happening Sept. 28th-30th in Ashland Oregon at the Jackson Wellsprings. For those of you in the area, it will have some of your favorite kirtan artists and yoga teachers including ourselves! We would love to see you there.

Lastly, ready for your retreat to Bali? Join us with Samantha Sweetwater (founder of Dancing Freedom) for this one of a kind journey to the exotic land of Bali March 2013. Sing, chant, dance, awake to Kundalini Yoga, swim with the local dolphins, lay out on the most beautiful beaches, hike tropical waterfalls, visit ancient Hindu water temples, experience traditional Balinese cuisine, fire ceremonies, gamelan and dance. Need we say more? Stay tuned for more info.

Past Events

Wow, what a blessed weekend we had last weekend at the Beloved Festival. It continues to be the cutting edge festival for sacred world music and the arts. You couldn’t ask for a better group of souls coming together and sharing their love, talents and dedication to the Beloved community.

We had one of the best shows of our lives for the opening of the festival. We were joined by Craig Kohland and Sita, Ankush Vimawala, Brian Bontempo, Eric Mogli, and special guests Bodhi Setchko, Luna Marcus and Vicki Estrada. Thanks to the musicians and all who were able to make that night as magical as it was. Hari!!

Ananda ‘Yogiji’ also led a spectacular Kundalini Yoga class which we had more than a handful of people say it was the best class of their life! I had the honor to provide the live music & mantra with Ankush Vimawala on tablas and Mogli on bass as the support band. We call the class from ‘Shakti to Bhakti’ because we transform all that amazing Kundalini Shakti energy into beautiful Bhakti filled meditations, prayers and chanting at the end. By the last song people were in tears as they connected to that supreme sweetness within. Sat Nam.

Special thanks also to all the people who joined us for the cacao ceremony we led on Saturday. Anytime you get that many beautiful souls coming together, sharing from their hearts and drinking cacao, there is bound to be supreme prema.

We were also freshly rejuvenated by our retreat at Breitenbush Hotsprings. We collaborated with Jeffrey Williams who was offering teacher training in EDGU. Such a sweet group came together and we were all glued by prema within a few days. Our musical offerings and cacao ceremony went over so beautifully.

Before that we were at the Mystic Garden Gathering. The location is perhaps one of the best yet for a festival of it’s kind. It is another festival that has such a radiant community of souls coming together to make mystical music, arts and loving memories take place. Can’t wait for the Mystic Island Gatherings happening on the Hawaiian islands, especially Maui! Stay tuned for those in January and February.

Always love to give a special thanks to our sponsor Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss and all the incredibly loving staff supporting the bliss. They continue to be an integral support for all our endeavors and offerings and we are so grateful. We couldn’t do it without you. FYI…Coconut Bliss is serving cookie sandwiches at a couple more upcoming festivals and they are pure ecstasy for your taste buds. They will be for sure at Bhaktifest and perhaps at the new and upcoming festival Pranafest.

For some new free music tracks, click here. They were from an opening set in Eugene before the Guru Ganesha Band. Enjoy!!


8/17-8/19 Altar of Love Weekend Mt. Shasta
8/28: Kirtronica at Harbin Hot Spring’s Unconditional Dance
8/29: Kirtan and Healing Mantra Music at the Center for Spiritual Living with the Devotional chant ensemble and chorus
8/31-9/2: Altar of Love Weekend Santa Cruz
9/4: Kirtan and Healing Mantra Music at the Sacred Space Santa Barbara
9/6-9/10: Bhakti Fest
9/11: Kirtan and Healing Mantra Music at Wild Mt. Yoga Nevada City
9/13-9/15: Altar of Love Weekend Harbin
9/28-9/30: Pranafest
10/5-10/7: Altar of Love Weekend Arcata
If you have problems viewing this message, visit here for the web version.
Please add contact@jayalakshmi.net to your address book to ensure future email deliveries.

posted: November 15th, 2012

July 12, 2012 Newsletter

Summer Festivals, Free Tracks and our Southwest Journey

Namaste, Sat Nam and Aloha!!

Ananda and I are back from an amazing three weeks in the Southwest. What a trip it was. We landed in Phoenix at 10pm and it was still 100 degrees!! Luckily we were saved by our lovely host there, Mika, who is an avid Kirtan lover. The next day we hit the road for the Kundalini Yoga Summer Solstice Celebration. For those of you who have not been, it is nine days of Kundalini Yoga, workshops, healing arts of all kinds, music and amazing souls who all unite under the guidance of the late Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan).

Some amazing highlights were waking up at 2:30-3ish am to walk around the camp with Guru Singh singing the rise up song, then catching Snatam Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur or Chardi Kala Jatha on various days pour their hearts out in the early morning hours. After a 4am Kundalini Yoga set, meditation with live music begins at 5am. The Sadhana celebration’s main focus is to get you up and do your Sadhana with the group, which sometimes is nearly 1,000 people! In addition there are literally hundreds of classes and workshops offered throughout the week all based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

We performed at Kia Miller’s class, Yogi Tea Cafe as well as a Kirtronica set after the three days of White Tantric Yoga, which is literally over a thousand people meditating, singing and well…suffering together. But it is all in good fun and all of us know there is very deep transformational work being done. The land was blessed by the Hopi Indians and given to Yogi Bhajan for these special events, teachings and healings.

We also had the blessing of serving Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss to all the dehydrated Yogis who were very happy to have a refreshing bowl. This is my second year of going and Ananda’s 5th. We met up with so many old friends and made so many new ones. It was very nice connecting with all the Kundalini Yoga artists such as Simrit Kaur, Gurunam Singh and Jai-Jagdeesh Kaur (among others).

After the solstice event, we drove straight to Albuquerque to receive a hug from the hugging saint herself, Amma. We went and saw her Friday night, then drove back to Santa Fe to hold our Altar of Love Weekend. That was a very special weekend. Santa Fe is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and the community there reflects that. Thanks to all who were there and to the Santa Fe Community Yoga studio 🙂

To follow that, we just had to get more Amma love, so Monday we went back to the Devi Bhava and received not only a hug but also mantras. Her love is so vast and irresistible…Jai Ma!!

Then we were off to Sedona for another Altar of Love Weekend, but not before staying in Taos and camping in Monument Valley. It just so happens that as we were arriving to Monument Valley, the sun was setting on one side of us and on the other was a storm with a rainbow! One of the best sunsets of our life.

Our first encounter with Sedona was stunning. A city nestled in red rock cliffs that should be considered a national park. We were welcomed by Valerie Irons, a local Kirtan connoisseur who treated us like family. The weekend was very special and we are looking forward to coming back. We were blessed to have our very dear friend Gayatri with us for the trip and who taught a Thai self massage that totally rocked our worlds at both Altar of Love weekends.

We also had a surprise when we encountered some brothers who wanted to contribute their talents in video and photography. In addition to being part of the weekend, they offered to shoot some photos of us and create two music videos for us. So the next two days we spent enjoying the Sedona landscape and filming for two new music videos, “This is the Day” and “Bow To You”, off our latest albums, “Live at the Altar of Love”. Stay tuned for their release. Click on the links above for free music!!

Perhaps the most amazing thing about these Altar of Love weekends is meeting and connecting with the beautiful souls who attend. By the end of these weekends we really feel we have new family members and our reach now extends from Washington to New Mexico! Thanks to SriSri RadhaKrishna, Divine Mother, and SriSriGuru for this blessing. We are in total awe and service of the divine love that guides us down this river of life to the ocean of nectar.

Last thing, summer festivals!! We are so excited to be on the summer caravan of spiritual bliss!! See below for our schedule and discount codes that apply. Hope to see you there.

July 13-15 Oregon Country Fair • Veneta, Oregon
July 18-23 Mystic Garden Gathering • Selma, Oregon – Discount Code: 1008 ($10 off website purchase)
July 29- August 3 Breitenbush HotSprings, joining Jeffrey Williams
August 9-12 Beloved Festival • Tidewater, Oregon
August 17-19 Altar of Love Mount Shasta
September 6-9 Bhakti Fest • Joshua Tree, CA – Discount Code: 2012jaya ($25 off website purchase)
September 14-16 Harbin Hot Springs Altar of Love Workshops • Middletown, CA
September 28-30 Prana Fest • Ashland, Oregon

Stay tuned for an upcoming Bali retreat with Samantha Sweetwater in March

Special thanks to our sponsors, Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss.

Visit our Facebook sites, become a friend!
This is my second Facebook site, as my first one is full: http://www.facebook.com/#!/jayalakshmiII
Ananda’s: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Anandaji

“Compassion does not see the faults of others. It does not see the weaknesses of people. It makes no distinction between good and bad people. Compassion cannot draw a line between two countries, two faiths or two religions. Compassion has no ego; thus there is no fear, lust or passion. Compassion simply forgives and forgets. Compassion is like a passage. Everything passes through it. Nothing can stay there. Compassion is love expressed in all its fullness.” ~ Amma

posted: November 15th, 2012

May 9, 2012 Newsletter

Kickstarter Success!, Shakti Fest, SoCal Tour…

Aloha & Namaste!

Thanks to your generosity, our Kickstarter campaign was a success. We reached our goal of $10,000 right in time.
How amazing! We are really blown away how this all worked out and were able to raise the funds we needed to create
the project we envisioned. We are so, so grateful and feel so
inspired to create an awesome album.

We’re going to keep those of you who contributed updated on the project. This album is scheduled for release May 2013, on Sounds True Records, so it will be a little while until you receive the CD. Other rewards such as concert tickets can be fulfilled anytime before that. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/755267134/kirtronica-album

The ‘Kirtronica’ album is an electronica dance creation emerging from the heart and mind of the feminine – a shamanic journey lit up by the brilliance of Sanskrit mantra and ecstatic potency of the Divine Names. Since the days of my former band ‘Lost at Last’ (1997-2004) I have been composing and refining this music. And now I am ready to see it to fruition!

We’re on the road to Joshua Tree, CA today to Shakti Fest!
We’re very excited to be a part of this amazing festival exploding with love & devotion, and so full of beautiful music. We’re playing Friday afternoon on the main stage, then Kirtronica Ecstatic Dance at
1 am – electronica trance for the first time at Shakti Fest! We’re also playing for a lot of workshops and classes, including
Dawn Cartwright, Mirabai Devi and Saul David Raye.
Ananda and I will be scooping Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss on Saturday night at the Bliss booth, raising funds for Food for Life Vrndavan. Don’t miss a chance to share the love.
By the way, you also won’t want to miss the new incredible gluten-free ice cream cookie Bliss-wiches.

The following week we will be touring Southern California, see info below.

Thank you so much for your love and support.
We hope to see you and look forward to connecting in the Blessed Space…

Love & Peace,
Jaya Lakshmi

Upcoming Events: visit my website for furthur info

May 11-13 SHAKTI FEST Joshua Tree, CA Main stage set 3:30-5pm, KIrtronica Ecstatic Dance 1am

May 14 – Intensive with Saul David Raye, Joshua Tree Retreat Center, CA 10am-2pm

May 16 Shakti Fest After Party – The Kava Lounge, San Diego, CA – 9 pm ‘Kirtronica’ Ecstatic Dance

May 18 Greatful Fridays – Bardow Hollywood 8:30pm ‘Krtronica’ Ecstatic Dance

May 19-20 Altar of Love Weekend Workshops with Dawn Cartwright at the Hub LA – sponsored by Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

May 19 Kirtan & Sacred Music Concert at Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica, CA with special guests
Masood Ali Khan & Sheela Bringi

May 20 Enliven Festival, Manhattan Beach ‘Kirtronica’ Ecstatic Dance 7:30pm

May 22 Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, CA Unconditional Dance 8:30pm

Upcoming LIVE shows for music artist: Jaya Lakshmifull calendar »

  • 12/21 Solstice Chant Concert in Bend
    Bend :: Sol Alchemy
  • 12/22 Solstice Chant Concert in Eugene
    Eugene :: Saraha
  • 04/12
    Sat Nam Fest (West)
    Joshua Tree :: Joshua Tree Retreat Center
    Join us as we share an acoustic chant concert and Kirtronica. Please contact us for discounted tickets.
  • 04/29 Sacred Chant Concert (SR)
    Santa Rosa :: Center for Spiritual Living
    Join us for a very special by donation chant concert at the CSL Santa Rosa.
  • 05/11
    Joshua Tree :: Joshua Tree Retreat Center
    Join us as we offer chant concerts, Kirtronica, Kundalini Yoga and more. Please contact us for discounted tickets for this event.
  • 12/14
    Chant Immersion in the Bahamas
    Nassau :: Sivananada Yoga Ashram Bahamas
    Opening to Divine Love Through Chanting and Mantras

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