posted: May 22nd, 2014Bow to You (Official Music Video)-From the Live at the Altar of Love~Disc 2

posted: May 22nd, 2014Om Namo Bhagavate-Live at Beloved Festival 2013

posted: May 22nd, 2014Kirtronica-This is the Day

posted: May 22nd, 2014Altar of Love-At the Oregon Country Fair (special guests Peia and Saratone)

posted: July 23rd, 2013“Jai Ma” Live Kirtronica set in Encinitas with amazing lazer show!!

posted: January 26th, 2013Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda-This is the Day

Altar of Love Weekend Portland at our kirtan in 2011.  Thanks to Michael Hilton for the video and Tasara for the visuals.  Thanks also to Ankush Vimawala on Tablas and Vince McClellan on flute.

posted: February 23rd, 2012Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogiji – Altar of Love

posted: May 22nd, 2011Nataraj – by Jaya Lakshmi (from her album “Sublime”)

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