Kauai-Alchemy of Body, Mind and Spirit

Join chant artist, yoga teacher and cacao ceremony facilitator Ananda Yogiji for an uplifting, spirited and community activating weekend. He will be offering three events in a private home. Schedule below:
Saturday Jan 13th
10:30am-12:30pm~Kundalini Yoga led by Somer and live music by Ananda Yogiji
7pm-9pm~Chant Concert (Joined by Daveed on Sax)
Sunday Jan 14th
4pm-6pm~Cacao Ceremony
~Suggested donation for concert and cacao ceremony is $20. Kundalini class $30.
~For directions please email AnandaYogiji@yahoo.com.
~For all thing Kundalini Yoga in Kauai, please join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kundaliniyogakauai
Ananda is also considering leading a whale/dolphin boat with live music, cacao and mediations. If interested, please message him privately. Jan. 11th, 15th or 16th are possible.

Upcoming LIVE shows for music artist: Jaya Lakshmifull calendar »

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