Ocean of Mercy

Immerse yourself in the divine love of the sacred names. Jaya Lakshmi’s singing is filled with true heart and passionate devotion. Her blissful blend of Sanskrit chant, harmonium, flamenco guitar, sarod and ambient grooves will comfort your heart and free your soul. Jaya Lakshmi is co-founder and lead singer of the acclaimed world techno-dance band, Lost At Lost. In recent years, she has been performing with Deva Priyo (on flamenco guitar and sarod) to packed audiences. Lakshmi has established herself as a major presence in today_s new devotional chant scene. This inspiring mantra chanting is unsurpassed for yoga, healing and meditation. Jaya Lakshmi’s singing is absolutely phenomenal. The passion and grace in her voice really stirs the soul. Her music combines the best of both traditional yoga-chant and modern down-tempo grooves into an entirely fresh new sound. The beauty in her music is completely absorbing, and inspiring!

Upcoming LIVE shows for music artist: Jaya Lakshmifull calendar »

  • 12/21 Solstice Chant Concert in Bend
    Bend :: Sol Alchemy
  • 12/22 Solstice Chant Concert in Eugene
    Eugene :: Saraha
  • 04/12
    Sat Nam Fest (West)
    Joshua Tree :: Joshua Tree Retreat Center
    Join us as we share an acoustic chant concert and Kirtronica. Please contact us for discounted tickets.
  • 04/29 Sacred Chant Concert (SR)
    Santa Rosa :: Center for Spiritual Living
    Join us for a very special by donation chant concert at the CSL Santa Rosa.
  • 05/11
    Joshua Tree :: Joshua Tree Retreat Center
    Join us as we offer chant concerts, Kirtronica, Kundalini Yoga and more. Please contact us for discounted tickets for this event.
  • 12/14
    Chant Immersion in the Bahamas
    Nassau :: Sivananada Yoga Ashram Bahamas
    Opening to Divine Love Through Chanting and Mantras

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