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released: April, 2017The Live Experience Volume 1

released: April, 2017The Live Experience Vol II

released: February, 2016Kundalini Morning Chants

released: October, 2015Kundalini album

released: October, 2015Saraswati Dreams Remix

released: July, 2015As the Lotus Blossoms

released: February, 2015Saraswati Dreams

released: May, 2014Kundalini Mantras Live

released: November, 2013Kirtronica

I have always loved the combination of tribal trance and house beats with Sanskrit mantra and prayer. I knew I was destined to compose my own electronica music, especially after my experience with my former band, Lost at Last. I was involved in much of the composition and production of our music, which laid the foun- dation for me to continue creating music on my own.

Kirtronica is my vision come to fruition—electronica dance music with Sanskrit mantra that manifests through the feminine channel. The sound is a bit slower than club trance and has a different flow from the elec- tronica music that is popular today, but this is what came through me.

I call this album “Kirtronica” because it’s a blend of kirtan and electronica—so be sure to chant while you listen. That’s what this music is for: to activate God consciousness and devotion, or bhakti, and to free the spirit so it can dance with the divine. These ancient Sanskrit mantras work on deep vibrational levels and are designed to liberate the soul by revealing our pure, loving nature.

This album is a dance journey of the heart, mind, and body reuniting with the beloved. I hope Kirtronica activates, ignites, and propels you into deeper love, greater joy, and miraculous healing. All glories to the chanting of the Holy Names, and to groovy dance beats!

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released: October, 2011Jaya Lakshmi: Live at the Altar of Love

This is album is part of the double disc “Live at the Altar of Love”.  The two albums were recorded at the same time at the LakshmiAnanda Yoga Space.  This disc is composed primarily of music that Jaya Lakshmi wrote. The same group of incredible musicians were used for both albums.

The “Live at the Altar of Love” albums are a collaboration of music that represent some of their deepest, most intimate connection with the transcendental love and beauty of the divine. They represent their soul’s journey and personal longing for the Divine. They are routinely in their daily practice for merging with Ananda (Bliss of the Divine).

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