Altar of Love Bali Retreat – March 12th-19th, 2014

A Kirtan, yoga, ecstatic dance and cultural adventure retreat with Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogiji

We warmly invite you to join us on the magical island of Bali for this transformational and healing experience.  Deepen your love and practice of Kirtan, bhakti, kundalini yoga, and ecstatic dance in a nurturing and loving environment while immersed in the rich cultural and spiritual essence of Bali.

We will sing and dance our hearts open, rejuvenate, relax, and embrace the sacred culture of this land with ceremony, tours, and celebration. Bali is known as the island of the gods, home of various healing arts, incredibly breath taking art, ceremonial way of life, traditional dance, exceptional music, and tranquil, lush tropical splendors.

We will explore yoga as a practice of embodying spirit in a heart opening and devotional way.  Through daily meditation and chanting you will expand your perspective of these practices and yourself.  You will be held in a nurturing and healing environment by the loving and supportive staff of the Shangri-La Retreat and Spa.

The retreat is open to people of all levels of yoga and kirtan experience.  Each participant will practice according to their individual needs guided by Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogiji and the loving Balinese faculty. Loving care, attention and support for your experience will always be available.

This retreat is truly a gift to yourself!

“Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda are two of the most talented, genuine, connected and all-around exceptional people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. Individually, they are each strong pillars of wisdom and undeniably gorgeous – both inside and out. Together, the synergy they create is the pure magic of a partnership in its highest potential – incredibly inspiring!

As teachers, they are gracious, patient and knowledgeable and share their tremendous gifts freely and openly with love and compassion, while offering a safe space for others to enjoy and learn at their level, accommodating whatever that may be. Expect their mesmerizing melodies to take you on a transformational journey, bringing tears to your eyes and warmth to your heart.

These two beautiful beings will undoubtedly guide you on an experience of a lifetime: spiritually, emotionally and physically! Enjoy “

~ Blythe MacDonald – Victoria, BC, Canada. (Last years ‘Altar of Love Bali Retreat’ participant)

Sample day at the Altar of Love Bali Retreat:

8am-10am: Yoga led by Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda (daily offerings of Kundalini Yoga and meditation as well as a few Anusara and Vinyasa Flow influenced classes)

10am-11am: Brunch {fresh seasonal fruit, juices, Balinese breakfast}

11am-1pm: Free time

1pm-2pm: Balinese Lunch

2pm-3pm: Private lessons with Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda – chanting/mantras, harmonium, guitar, bansuri flutes- 1/2 hr each (prescheduled)

4pm-6pm: Afternoon activities (cacao ceremony, Lakshmi puja, Bhakti yoga/Kirtan workshop, yoga, or meditation)

6pm-8pm: Dinner

8pm-10pm: Kirtan/Kirtronica Ecstatic Dance/Local sacred performances (Balinese Dance, Vedic Fire Ceremony or Gamelan Concert)

“Through yoga, music, singing, dance, and ceremonies I was able to let go of past traumas and allow my heart to open to be loved and to love others. I learned so much about myself and others in that one week that would have taken years to learn otherwise.” Devin Braden (2013 Particpant) 

Our All Inclusive Program offers the following:

~7 nights/7 days stay in double occupancy accommodation (shared or couple).

~ 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day.  The restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian Balinese and European Cuisine, w/fish option.

~Transportation to and from the airport as well as outings.

~Outings include:
•Trip 1- Day adventure to ancient Buddhist Temple followed by a soak in      beautiful hot springs.
•Trip 2-Morning sunrise boat trip and swim with local dolphins followed by a cultural tour of the local fishing village.
•Trip 3- Guided walk and tour to Lovina waterfall.
•Trip 4-Visit the ancient and very sacred water temple.  Bath, pray and cleanse in the beautiful waters.
Note: There is beautiful snorkling in the ocean right in front of Shangri-La Resort.  Snorkel at your leisure.  Snorkeling gear can be rented at resort free of charge.

~ Daily morning yoga and meditation, afternoon workshops and evening music led by Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda.

~ One rejuvenating and healing traditional Balinese Massage at the resort spa.
(You are welcome to book additional treatments and spa services at your own cost)

~ A traditional Balinese dance and music welcoming celebration, purification and fire ceremony with the local Brahman Priest, as well as a farewell ceremony.

~ Cacao ceremony.


Accommodation is based on a first register, first pick basis.  So the earlier you reserve your spot, the better location you will receive.  So reserve as soon as possible!

Shangri-La lives up to its name.  We will be staying at an ocean front resort nestled in the North Island of Bali in the midst of jungles, cacao groves, durian and coconut trees and a Balinese Village of traditional artisan’s, dancers, healers, and musicians. Each of the exquisite rooms is hand crafted, colorfully decorated with themes of Demi Gods Godesses, surrounded by lush tropical gardens and peaceful setting amidst the warm North Ocean of Bali. The rooms are furnished with double occupancy.

Click here to view the pictures and videos of the accomodations

The suites are exquisite, glass doors and windows, a personal media player, a security box, equipped with a hand carved desk, comfortable seating, oceanic views, beautiful bathrooms and shower, (Flower petal baths are available at the on site spa with a massage at the temple hall just steps from the guest houses).

Enjoy swimming by the pool or in the warm ocean, snorkeling equipment is available and easy to access. Guests are welcome to purchase a boat ride tour to see the Dolphins swim right in front of the resort which departs early in the morning with the local resort and tour guide.

Cultural Tours and Information:

Bali is a unique visual experience of unsurpassed beauty, with a rich and ancient history, while in a Muslim country, Bali is a Hindu Island with ancient links and roots to early settlers from India, Rishi’s who carved and built beautiful magnanimous temples and brought ancient scrolls and teachings. You will be a part of the integration of daily spiritual practice and abundant traditional cultural expression, as the Balinese make offerings daily to the house, to the earth, to the food, and local temples on the land we are staying. We will be learning about the local culture, religion, art and life with our interactions and will discover a hidden Bali most tourists never see.

We will visit sacred temples, which are sites for renewing contact with the spiritual world. Through offerings and prayers, these temples play an essential role in creating harmony between the people and their connection to spirit. Innumerable temples and shrines are found through out the island, in house compounds, local villages and at sacred sites.

We will begin with the epic journey to Bondalem on the north shore driving through mystic sacred mountains, Kintimani Volcano, sweeping valleys and rice fields, through local villages and towns to the beautiful resort of  Shangri-La which is also the home of creators/owners Don and Ilona Selke.  Amazing healers, teachers, and light workers, Don and Ilona live in harmony with the Balinese people with utmost respect and care for the preservation and honor of their land and culture.

The spiritual world of art, dance, music, theater and ritual is an essential and honored part of Balinese life. We will experience a beautiful Balinese dance and Gamelan music performance at the resort and enliven our spirits with our own Bhakti infused Kirtan and music every morning and evening.


We strongly recommend our guests to purchase Travel Health Insurance. We will ensure your stay is peaceful, safe, and lovingly guided, however it is wise to ensure that should you need immediate attention you have insurance for your own personal well being and so that we can serve you more lovingly.


To insure an intimate experience there will only be a limited number of 20 spaces available. Upon registration we will send you a complete list of what to bring and welcome letter with detailed schedule. We are happy to answer any questions, the Shangri La Website is very informative as well.

$1700 USD all inclusive double occupancy accommodation/shared room. We are currently offering a discount rate for couples and friends.  For couples or if you bring a friend, the rate for the two participants is $1600 each.  So bring your beloved or best friend!

If you have any questions, feel free to email Ananda at AnandaYogiji@yahoo.com or Jaya Lakshmi at JayaLakshmidevidasi@gmail.com.

***Passport must be valid 6 months from entry date to Indonesia
You must have a return ticket out of Indonesia to get a Visa on Arrival

Approximately $25 Visa on Arrival fee, valid for 30 days
When leaving Bali there is a Departure Tax of $15

The Indonesian Currency is Rupiha – 10,000Rp is approximately 1.05 – conversion fluctuates, check your bank / online currency conversion.

Travel and Flight Details:

We will have Shangri La Resort Guide and Driver meet you at the airport or your hotel in Bali and take you to our retreat center. You are welcome to arrive to Bali days before the retreat and experience a day or two on your own. We would be happy to guide you in the right direction to an affordable, safe and clean accommodation.

Upon arrival to the resort You will be welcomed with a coconut and offered stops on the way for a rest, it is a 3 hour drive from the airport. For 2014, the airline ticket prices are very reasonable, average is about 1100-1300 return.

If you’re coming from the West Coast this is what we recommend for flight options:

China Air – Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Fran to Denpasar (via Taipei)
(approx. 1200.00 USD 2012 price)
• Leaves late at night and arrives in Bali the next day at 1:30 pm
• Returns from Bali early afternoon and arrives late at night the same day

Cathay Pacific – Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, or San Fran to Denpasar (via Hong Kong) approx. $1350 CAD + tax (2012 price)
• Leaves west coast at 2:00 am and arrives in Bali the next day at 2:50 p.m.
• Returns everyday from Bali at 4:00 p.m. and arrives in Vancouver the same day at 8:30pm

Eva Air – Vancouver, Seattle, San Fran, Los Angeles (via Taipei)
• Leaves west coast at 1:00 am and arrives in Bali the next day at 3:05 p.m.
• Returns from Bali at 4:15 p.m. and arrives in Vancouver the same day at 8:00 p.m.

Eva Air – Seattle to Denpasar (via Taipei)
• Leaves Seattle early in the morning and arrives in Bali the next day at 3:05 pm (connects with the flight from Vancouver in Taipei)
• Returns from Bali at 4:15 pm and arrives in Seattle the same day early evening

These are reputable and reasonable airlines that we recommend. The connections are very easy. Many of you will be on the same flights so you can share the experience.

Due to crossing the International Dateline and to arrive at the retreat on time, it is best to leave early in the morning of Tuesday march 11 to arrive in Bali the afternoon of Wednesday, March 12. To return you will leave Bali on the afternoon of Wednesday March 19 and arrive home the evening of March 19 (the same day). We welcome you to arrive a couple days early and we can assist you with finding accommodations if needed.

Flights to and from Thailand/ India via Indonesia are also available through small airlines and are very reasonable in the 300-500 USD return range.


Upcoming LIVE shows for music artist: Jaya Lakshmifull calendar »

  • 12/21 Solstice Chant Concert in Bend
    Bend :: Sol Alchemy
  • 12/22 Solstice Chant Concert in Eugene
    Eugene :: Saraha
  • 04/12
    Sat Nam Fest (West)
    Joshua Tree :: Joshua Tree Retreat Center
    Join us as we share an acoustic chant concert and Kirtronica. Please contact us for discounted tickets.
  • 04/29 Sacred Chant Concert (SR)
    Santa Rosa :: Center for Spiritual Living
    Join us for a very special by donation chant concert at the CSL Santa Rosa.
  • 05/11
    Joshua Tree :: Joshua Tree Retreat Center
    Join us as we offer chant concerts, Kirtronica, Kundalini Yoga and more. Please contact us for discounted tickets for this event.
  • 12/14
    Chant Immersion in the Bahamas
    Nassau :: Sivananada Yoga Ashram Bahamas
    Opening to Divine Love Through Chanting and Mantras

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