Are you looking to commence, immerse and/or enhance the practices of Kundalini Yoga and mantra chanting in your life?  If so, then please join us for 4 days and nights at the world renowned Breitenbush Hot Springs retreat center in Oregon this summer.  This retreat also offers a transformational experience that can help heal hearts, recharge your whole system, create intimate friends and leave you floating in love.  There will also be a Kirtronica ecstatic dance and a cacao ceremony to amp up the bliss! 

Breitenbush offers its' guests stunning natural hots springs in a quintessential alpine setting.  The facility also has various cozy workshop spaces that are conducive to transformational experiences.  Lodging includes cabins and camping.  In the summer, the camping is phenomenal.  We highly recommend it.  In addition Breitenbush serves 3 gourmet and delicious vegetarian meals.  Breitenbush has been a pioneer in holding transformational, healing and conscious workshops for decades.  Come experience for yourself and please join us!

To register, please call Breitenbush at 503.854.3320 

BEGINS: Monday dinner 

ENDS: Friday lunch 

COST: $350 plus lodging 

DEPOSIT: Cost of lodging