Exploring Ceremony, Ritual, and Sacred Space with the Spirit of Cacao

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Esalen Institute, Hwy 1, Big Sur, CA

What if every time you had a piece of chocolate, there was a ceremony to it? What if you had a ritual that would remind you of a deeper sense of connection, and all you might need as a reminder was a piece of chocolate? Ceremony, ritual, and sacred space are an intrinsic part of a rich and fulfilling life. Combine them with the plant medicine of cacao, and you can create a recipe for deep exploration of the heart and soul. This is what we would like to explore with you. During this workshop, we will look at and learn about aspects of ceremony including the altar, honoring of the directions, heart-opening songs, and the sacred circle. We will immerse ourselves in ritual, and the elements of continuous, heart-opening connections. Lastly, we will partake of, and commune with, the Spirit of cacao and see what it has to share with us. If you are called to this, the spirit of cacao is already speaking to you. Join us as we explore why the Mayans called cacao the food of the Gods.

Join us this spring at the stunning Esalen Institute. Located on the cliffs over looking the ocean, this place is world class in its' setting. Add to that hot springs on a cliff side, home grown organic food, amazing massage therapists/healers and the dream is complete...Esalen. Click on the link to find out more and sign up: