Recording | Mixing 

Would you like to learn simple and affordable ways to record and produce top quality music?

Over the last 10 years, I have recorded and mixed over 10 of my albums. In that process I found some incredible ways to record top quality music for very affordable. I’ve also devolped short cuts to effective arranging and mixing. 

I’m inspired to teach this because I know how many artists struggle to figure out how to approach this or even worse, spend a fortune and never recoup their costs. 

By studying with me, you’ll find out what equipment to use/buy and how simple it can be to record. You can also learn my time tested techniques to arrange and mix with ease, simplicity and incredible sonic quality.  

If this sounds like a YES, then please click on the link below and send me an email. We’ll do an interview and make sure it feels right for both of us. I am only working with a very select few and would love to be your guide.  

Don’t wait, let’s get your music recorded and out there!