Voice | Music | Mantra | Devotion

Do you love to sing and play kirtan but struggle to overcome insecurity and self doubt?

Are you overwhlemed at where to begin or how to take your practice/offering to the next level? 

Are you looking for a safe, supportive container to express your music and voice as an offering to the Divine? 

Are you wanting to learn more mantras, kirtans or just a deeper understanding of the path of devotion?

Over the last 10 years, I have had the incredible opportunity to record over 15 albums, perform live to tens of thousands of people, and develop my own unique capacity to deliver devotional music that impacts the listener to open the heart and connect to the divine.  

When Covid began, my touring life stopped and soon people started asking me to teach them.  My first student literally told me that in 5 sessions he learned and refined his art more than with all the other programs he had taken previously. He had been at it for 4 years and had been to kirtan camps, done voice lessons and more. 

I took that as a sign that offering mentorship programs could be a nice addition in these times.  I found I had a natural ability and really enjoyed seeing the huge results my students were getting. 

I’ve learned that so many on this path are held back by their own resistances, self doubt, lack of vision and depth of understanding.  

I’ve found that with my help, a dedicated student can significantly improve the quality, range, volume and depth of their voice.

Musically, I have helped people with their musical performance, be it with guitar, harmonium or flute.  My students notice significant improvements in their chord changes, timing, versatility, intricacy and much more.  

With mantra, my students have gained a much greater depth of understanding of meaning, pronunciation, selection and the mood of music.

Devotionally, I help people connect more with their heart and soul.  I help people have a more comprehensive understanding of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.  I love sharing the stories of the deities of the vedic tradition and offering modern context for the stories.  I also have 14 years of dedication to Kundalini Yoga and the devotional outlet to Sikh Dharma.

Primarily, I love to teach the importance of devotion as a way to elevate, transmute and offer back emotional states that we all go through. In essence, I love to help others deepen in their love for the divine and sing from that place.   

By working with me you’ll achieve incredible growth in a short period of time and see your artistry flourish.  You’ll gain the confidence, clarity, understanding and depth to take your artistry to whatever level you dream up.

I am only opening this up to a select few individuals who want to commit to taking their artistry to the next level.  I work with people who already have some start in their musical journey. 

If you are this person and just what you were looking for, send me an email and let’s to a quick interview to make sure it’s right for both of us. I would be honored to be your mentor on this blossoming journey.