Mentorship with Ananda Das

Interested in taking your devotional arts or yoga to the next level? With over 11 years in the devotional music and yoga industry, let me help you make leaps and bounds in your artistry or practice. Here's what clients are saying:

“I am so grateful for Ananda and the incredible ways that our work together has opened me to a deeper embodiment of bhakti! Working together every week since August has been transformational not only for my life, my work, but also for my pregnancy!! Thank you being you and for sharing your heart and gifts” Susy Scheiffelin (Sound Healer, Business and Sobriety Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Now Devotional Singer)  


  “When the student is ready the teacher appears. These past months working with you have been profoundly transformative for me on a musical and spiritual level. I have experienced personally and witnessed in others, your ability to meet us all where we are and guide each unique individual to greater capacity within themselves which in turn always creates a positive outcome for the collective. So grateful for you!" Anastacia Armstrong (Devotional Singer, 

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