The first is our longest running sponsor, Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss.   It is a satisfying and healthy alternative to dairy and soy-based frozen desserts. It is made using a base of naturally rich coconut milk and sweetened with agave syrup. Coconut Bliss comes from the heart. This shows in everything they do, from sourcing the finest organic ingredients, to a conscious awareness of their impact on the lives of everyone they touch. All 15 of their pint flavors and 4 flavors of novelty bars are certified organic, Non-GMO verified, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and use Fair Trade cocoa, chocolate and coffee. How about that? 

Believe it or not, Jaya Lakshmi was Luna and Larry‘s first employee back when they first started.  Over the years, Coconut Bliss has been a huge supporter of not only our music but so much of the cultural changes taking place.  Donating to non-Gmo campaigns, conscious festivals, and many more charities and non-profits.  Their product is now in every state, in Canada and ever growing. 


Our second sponsor, Jem, was founded by another lovely couple Jennifer and Tim Moore. Like any couple in love, their first creation was chocolate, but that soon shifted to another fabulous creation… decadent organic, raw and sprouted nut butters blended with exotic and healthy super foods.  One taste of their products will leave your jaw dropping… soon to be filled with another taste.  Using more than fair trade certified foods and with a continual focus on sustainability, we love what Jem is doing.  So grateful they will be with us for some of the tour.  

We also want to sing praises for Bright Star Live Events.  This wonderful company is now the premier outlet for ticket sales and promotional awareness for conscious events with an eastern flare.  All events from mantra music concerts, to Amma’s tour, festivals and speakers/authors such as Deepak Chopra.  A wonderful staff and visionary creators.  Thank you for all the support they offer.  

We wanted to give special recognition to our beloved sponsors as they are a huge part of making this dream come true.  First and foremost, it is the people behind the company who have touched our hearts so deeply.  Their committed path to sharing their love and creativity in the form of delicious conscious food has blown us away.  

These beautiful souls hold their companies to such integrity, have done vast amounts of research and dedicated uncountable hours to bring some of earth’s finest delicacies to your mouth.  On top of that, these companies are all vegetarian, use certified organic foods, fair trade practices, and support the conscious shift to use super foods for all our vibrant health.  

It is through our mutual co-creation that we find a cultural change that leads to long lasting shifts in the way we live.  So naturally, just as coming together in community and chanting elevates our vibration, we thought, why not incorporate these incredible companies and their food and drinks to our kirtans?  Its a win win.