From the recording Flower of Life

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Calling Us Home

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Ben Leinback: Drums
Meghan Engel: Violin
Richard Cole: Bass
Ananda Yogiji: Guitar
Drums arranged by Shaun Ferguson and Ananda Yogiji

Arranged by Ananda
Mixed and Mastered by Ben Leinbach



Grandmother I hear you calling
Grandfather I hear you calling
Great Spirit I hear you calling
Calling me home

Vs 1

We'll soar like the eagle
and dance in the wind
and we'll pray like no other
for this is how it begins
and dance on the light
of the stars and the moon
and we'll howl like the wolf
who knows just what to do


Vs 2

We'll swim with the dolphins
and we'll play in the waves
and we'll sing with the whales
and remember ancient ways ya
Mahalo Ke Akua
Aloha Aina
We thank you for this life
and all you've given us


Vs. 1