1. Flower of Life

From the recording Flower of Life

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Flower of Life

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Jaya Lakshmi: Vocals
Ben Leinback: Drums
Annmarie Soul: Vocals
Meghan Engel: Violin
Richard Cole: Bass
Ananda Yogiji: Guitar
Drums arranged by Shaun Ferguson and Ananda Yogiji



Oh the roads you'll travel
Oh the things you'll see
Oh the lives you'll live
Oh the things you'll be
Traveling on this road
Ever towards the one.

Down through the sun's halo,
White as the snow.
Flies the dove of love
Perched on my shoulder now
And nuzzles against my cheek
Telling me what's to be.


This is one dove's dedication
to the flower of life.


To live from the heart is to live to be free,
And give thanks to the mother for she is the seed.
When we came from the stars and the heavens to the Sea,
to the earth where we placed our own bare feet
She embraced us with her love
and said you are welcome child of God.

Take care of the land from there you will eat
Keep the water clean from there you will drink
The sun ray's gold will bath your soul
And the air you breath in will energize
The whole of your being, connected to all that is.


Purify the body, purify the mind,
then songs you will sing to know the divine.
Speak truth from your words and all will reveal,
reflections we are all on this wheel.
Spinning through space and time,
one more journey closer to the divine.

To serve and be served is one way to be free
And to love and to give unconditionally
Hold reverence for life and all you perceive
For this life is what you make it to be
And let grace fall upon you for you will know that you are infinity


I'm givin' her all my love to the flower of life