From the recording Flower of Life

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One with all Creation (Shivoham)

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Ben Leinback: Drums
Richard Cole: Bass
Ananda Yogiji: Guitar
Drums arranged by Shaun Ferguson and Ananda Yogiji


Vs 1

Moonlight shine bright in the night when it's right
All souls called home chanting OM breathing slow
All told from the old ancient scrolls unfold
This life, one life, free from strife, use the knife
To discern what to learn, like the ashes from the urn
We rise from the lies, be wise in these times
Commit, dedicate, be lit, radiate,
One Truth, one love, one heart, one part
Of the whole dear soul, you are whole when you flow
With the heart, play your part, it's an art from the start
With your guide third eye, step inside you will find
You and I, I and I, God and I, who's the I?


You are one with all creation
A soul in transmutation
From forgetting to remembering all is love
Oh Spirit Oh Creator
Hear these ancient prayers
That today we might illuminate our souls

Shivoham (One with Shiva or One with all that is, One with Consciousness)

VS 2

To live is to give, forgive all that is
Your hate, your fear, your near, be clear
Liberate dear soul, from the suffering of all
See through all the walls, stand tall never fall
Root down, feel the sound, of the One all around
From the Earth to the crown, through the stars you are found
You are bliss, like a kiss, from the lips of abyss
All creation, through vibration, feel your station of sensation
Never leaves, only weaves, bended knees, hold the keys
To the heart of the One, from the cosmos to the Sun
This is Earth, this is life, we signed up, it is time
To be free and to sing, celebrate unity


Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva (Auspicious One, Pure and Supreme Consciousness)
Maha Deva Maha Deva Shambo Shambo
Maha Deva :Great God or Spirit or Consciousness
Shambho: Auspicious One of to realize the highest within yourself.