From the recording Flower of Life

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Seasons of Change

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Kevin James: Vocals
Michael Stillwater: Vocals
Ben Leinback: Drums
Sukhdev Jackson of Aykanna: Vocals
Jacqueline "Radha" Rosen of Govind Das and Radha: Vocals
Annmarie Soul: Vocals
Meghan Engel: Violin
Richard Cole: Bass
Ananda Yogiji: Guitar and Lead Guitar
Drums arranged by Shaun Ferguson and Ananda Yogiji



I feel these changes, they're carrying me
Onto a new life or so it would seem
Uncertainty, clarity, unity, where will we be
Decisions that could change so much of this life as it was

A new chapter is born, pages yet to be seen
My breaths go deeper these days
Love and gratitude are all that stays ya
The season of change ya, is deep within my soul
The winds carrying me forth, to a place I've known long before

Ch 1

Who am I now and who will I become?
Oh, there's so much to this life
I'm grateful for all I've learned and
Oh, Spirit surrounds me
Oh, Spirit's within me
Oh a new day will come
Shining like the brilliant sun ya

Vs 2 (Sung by Kevin James)

So many friends have come
So many friends have gone
So many still yet to come
The smiles and the tears that shed
The tapestry of this web
Of the lives I've lived before and
The lives I'm soon to live

Ch 2

Vs 3

I won't be afraid of what's soon to be
Just accept what lies ahead
In all its' beauty, well,
Hearts may break, things will change
The lives we lived, will never be the same
And that's ok, And that's ok
And It's ok, And It's ok

Ch 3 (Sung with Ananda, Kevin and Michael)

Ch 4 (Sung with all vocalists)