From the recording Flower of Life

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Closer to You (Jai Jagadambe)

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Jaya Lakshmi: Vocals
Masood Ali Khan: Vocals
Michael Stillwater: Vocals
Ben Leinback: Drums
Meghan Engel: Violin
Richard Cole: Bass
Ananda Yogiji: Guitar, Bansuri Flute
Drums arranged by Shaun Ferguson and Ananda Yogiji


Vs 1

The seasons come and they go, changing over time.
The leaves will grow and fall, the cycles of life.
But you are the constant, ever in my life.
Guiding me on.

The thought of you brings so much joy.
The thought of you brings me home.
The thought of you brings me to my knees.
Knowing there's so much more.


How may I serve you more.
How may I love you more.
How may I be closer to you.

Vs 2

You are the wind, that presses against my sails.
The stars that Shine bright, through the thickest veils.
You are this vessel, carrying me along the way.
Ever towards my heart.


How may I serve you more.
How may I love you more.
How may I be closer to you.

Mantra: Jai Jai Jai Jagadambe (A mantra giving praise and connection with the divine mother of the universe)

Ma: Another name for the divine mother.

Jai Kali: Praises to Kali, divine mother fiercely compassionate.
Jai Durga: Praises to Durga, divine mother as the invincible/warriors.
Jai Lakshmi: Praises to Lakshmi, divine mother as beauty, splendor, abundance, nobility, enlightenment, fertility and golden radiance.
Saraswati Ma: Praises to Saraswati, divine mother as knowledge, arts, creativity and grace.


Mother of love. Mother of my heart. Mother of my soul. Mother of all.