From the recording Flower of Life

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Breathe (Prana Apana) ~ Just Reggae

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Jaya Lakshmi: Vocals and organ
Ben Leinback: Drums
Brent Knueker: Bass
Ananda Yogiji: Guitar, guitar leads, bansuri flute



Prana Apana Shushmaana Hari
Hari Har Hari Har Hari Har Hari


Just breathe
Breathe in this life
Beathe in this love
Breathe into your heart

Mantra translation:

Prana - Life Force
Apana - Great Cleanser of the System
Sushumna -Channel for the Life Force
Hari / Har - Great Creative Infinity

More Information:
Prana is the life force, and Sushumna is the central channel for that force. This mantra helps draw energy up the spine for healing. Hari and Har are names of God. When prana and apana flow together through Sushumna - the central passage of the spinal column - to the top of the head, the experience of samadhi takes place, which is the goal of all yogic practice.

Translation from Spirit Voyage: