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Lakshmi Ashtakam (Guru Devi Ma) (For Abundance, Vitality, Awakening)

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Namaste'stu Mahāmaye
Śrī Pithe Sura Pūjite
Shanka Chakra Gadhā Haste
Mahā Lakshmī Namo'stute

Salutations to you, O Supreme Enchantress, Abode of good fortune
Adored by all the Gods
Holding a conch, discus, and mace
Salutations to you or I bow to you

Namaste Garudārūdhe
Kolāsura Bhayañkari
Sarva Pāpa Hare Devi
Mahā Lakshmī Namostute

Namaste Rider of the Eagle Garuda
Terror of the hostile spirit Kola
Destroyer of all iniquities
Salutations or I bow to you

Sarvagyae Sarva Varade
Sarva Dushta Bhayañkari
Sarva Duhkha Hare Devi
Mahā Lakshmī Namo'stute

You who know all
Who grants all boons
Who instills fear in the vicious and corrupt, destroyer of sorrows
Salutations or I bow to you

Siddhi Buddhi Prade Devi
Bhukti Mukti Prādayini
Mantra Mūrte Sadā Devi
Mahā Lakshmī Namo'stute

Bestower of success and intelligence, bestower of worldly enjoyment and liberation
Ever embodied in the sacred chant
Salutations or I bow to you

Ādyantara hite Devi
Ādiya Shakti Maheshwari
Yogaje Yoga Sambhūte
Mahā Lakshmī Namo'stute

Without beginning or end, primordial cosmic energy
Great queen born from yoga, and made manifest through yoga
Salutations or I bow to you

Sthūla Sūkshma Mahā Raudre
Mahā Shakti Mahodari
Mahā Pāpa Hare Devi
Mahā Lakshmī Namo'stute

Great cosmic power of the mighty storm gods
Expressed as material and subtle forms
Womb of all, remover of all wrong doings
Salutations or I bow to you

Padmāsana Sthithe Devi
Parabrahma Swarūpini
Parameshi Jagan Mātar
Mahā Lakshmī Namostute

Lotus seated Goddess and embodiment of ultimate reality
Mother of the universe
Salutations or I bow to you

Shwetāmbara Dhare Devi
Nānālankāra Bushite
Jagat sthithe Jagan mātar
Mahā Lakshmī Namo'stute

Goddess clothed in white
Adorned with a dazzling array of magnificent jewels
You are the foundation of the world and its divine mother
Salutations or I bow to you

Om Shree Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha
I bow and hold reverence to Maha Lakshmi